Gundalian Invaders - Guardian Bakugan

Below is an overview of the Guardian Bakugan to the Battle Brawlers in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. If you want to increase your Bakugan collection with these strong new Bakugan, we have made it very easy for you! Just check out the Bakugan you are interested in that we have listed from eBay already.


Dan's Guardian Bakugan: Helix Dragonoid.

  • The evolution of Cross Dragonoid
  • Attribute: Pyrus
  • Power: 900G
  • Main Battle Gear: JetKor


Shun's Guardian Bakugan: Hawktor and Master Ingram


  • A hawk like Bakugan that is similar to Ingram
  • Attribute: Ventus
  • Power: 900G
  • Main Battle Gear: Swayther (changes his organic wings to armored wings with dual cannons)

Master Ingram

  • The evolution of Ingram, Shun's second Guardian Bakugan after Skyress
  • Master Ingram resembles a ninja warrior. He can combine with Shadow Wing, and when he is he is called Ninjitsu Master Ingram.
  • Attribute: Ventus
  • Power: 600G


Maruchos Guardian Bakugan: Preyas, Akwimos and Minx Elfin


  • Chameleon-like Bakugan who is able to change his attribute.
  • Preyas cannot evolve but he can spawn himself into Angelo / Diablo Preyas.
  • Attribute: Initially Aquos, but he can change molecular structure and take on characteristics of all the six attributes at any time.
  • Power: 500G


  • Will be Maruchos Guardian Bakugan in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders
  • Looks similar to Elico
  • Attribute: Aquos
  • Power: 900G

Minx Elfin

  • The evolution of Elfin
  • Attribute: Initially Aquos, but she change attribute into Darkus and Ventus (so far)
  • Power: 600G


Jake's Guardian Bakugan: Coredem

  • CoredemLooks similar to Gorem and Clayf
  • Attribute: Subterra
  • Power: 900G
  • Main Battle Gear: Rock Hammer


Fabia's Guardian Bakugan: AranautAranaut

  • Ninja-like Bakugan, like Master Ingram
  • Attribute: Haos
  • Power: 900G
  • Main Battle Gear: Battle Crasher


Ren's Guardian Bakugan: Linehalt, Avior and Phosphos


  • Will appear in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, episode 1?
  • Attribute: Darkus



  • Will appear in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, episode 1?
  • Hydra/humanoid-like Bakugan with seven heads
  • Attribute: Aquos
  • Can combine with different Bakugan Battle Gear


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