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Bakugan Dimensions LogoBakugan Dimensions is the free online Bakugan game where Brawlers from all around the world can Connect, Collect Bakugan, Battle other Brawlers and Win, of course! The Game was launched in June, and even if some of us are having trouble entering this Dimension... others are lucky enough to get on and play just fine.

On all Bakugan Gundalian Invaders (Season 3) Bakugan and Bakugan Battle Gear you will find a unique online access code, or DNA Code, that you can use to upload that specific Bakugan to the Online Universe. New Bakucoins, found in Season 3 packages of Bakumorph, Card Boosters, and Deka Bakugan (larger sized Bakugan), also have a code to enter online. The 10-digit DNA codes are specific to each Bakugan, and once the code has been entered online you cannot use it again.

If you are missing any Season 3 Bakugan to upload into Bakugan Dimensions, just click here! Bakugan on eBay.

If you don't know how to play Bakugan Dimensions, let this Tutorial guide you! And you can start Brawling!





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Bakugan Dimensions Launched

Bakugan DimensionsBakugan Dimensions was launched on June 1st. And we are extremely excited about that! But... We have tried several times to get in, and we have not been able to access yet. It seems that there has been some beta testing, and downtime for maintenance, and... we just don't know now why we can't get in yet! But we are sure that they are working hard to get it up and running smoothly as soon as possible! And we will keep you updated as soon as we know more!

We see that people are asking for DNA Codes so that they can get in to Bakugan Dimensions. But the Bakugan DNA Codes are 'personal' to you Bakugan, and they should be kept secret! They are codes that you have to reveal from your own Bakugan so that you can upload this exact Bakugan to the game. You will also find DNA Codes that you can enter online on the new Battle Gear, on the new Bakucoins (can be found in Season 3 packages of Bakumorph), on Card Boosters and on Deka Bakugan (larger Bakugan).

Just be aware that it is only the new Season 3 Bakugan (Gundalian Invaders Bakugan) that can be uploaded to Bakugan Dimensions. So make sure that you are ready to enter when it is finally up and running! And that you have your Season 3 Bakugan (and Battle Gear, etc.) good to go!

Below, we have picked out some of the Season 3 Guardian Bakugan from eBay to make it easier for you! This is like a mini-eBay window. And you can just flip through the Bakugan by clicking on the arrows that appear when you move your mouse over it. Click on the Bakugan you are interested in, and you will then be able to view and bid on this Bakugan if you like. Or you can search for the Bakugan (or equipment) you like in the Search-field. Just play around with it! :-)

Or perhaps you are more interested in Darkus Bakugan, or the Guardian Bakugan of the evil Gundalian Protectors?!


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Bakugan Dimensions - Launch in June?

Rumors are going that there is a delay in the launch of the Bakugan Dimensions game. The game is not ready to be released yet, and we are looking towards June 2010...

Since we still haven't gotten our forum & comment functions in place here, you can visit Bakugan-Gundalian-Invaders hub to leave your comments.

In the mean time, make sure you have your Gundalian Bakugan and Bakugan Battle Gear ready for battle!


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Bakugan Dimensions - Coming soon!

A television ad on Cartoon Network March 19 and 20 announced that Bakugan Dimensions would be released on April 5th. And today is April 6th... so we are hoping that that means soon!  Anyway, get your Bakugan DNA Codes (from your Gundalian Bakugan or from your Bakugan Battle Gear) and stay ready to move into the online world of Bakugan!

While we wait, here is an overview of news about Bakugan Dimensions.

  • March 1: updated their website into the new Bakugan Gundalian Invaders site
  • March 5: The site says "Bakugan Dimensions coming soon" on the main screen. There is also a new movie on the site about it.
  • March 19 and 20: A TV commercial on Cartoon Network announced that Bakugan Dimensions is coming April 5.
  • March 29: The site says: " Bakugan Dimensions enters open beta".
  • April 5: Bakugan Dimensions has not been released yet.



Are you prepared to battle? Or do you need to upgrade your collection of Bakugan or Bakugan Battle Gear? Check out the eBay auctions and find what you are missing!

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